Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kasey & Vienna...I Have To Go There

Okay, the intention of my blog is NEVER to be mean, cruel, or judgmental, but sometimes....well, I'm not above it.  There are certain things that just have to be laughed at, and if you watched last night's episode of Bachelor Pad, you already know because you've already laughed at this.

Okay, what do you get when you combine this fine fellow


with this dazzling young lady?

Fraggle Rock rocked the most, yes?

Well, you definitely get this - especially when you know Muppets and Fraggles love a good mushy musical opportunity.  What can I say?  Haters gonna hate.  And I am a def Kasienna hater.


And apparently, so is Kirk...and the rest of the Bachelor Pad contestants.  High-larious.  And this is just one reason why Kirk is the hottest guy on the show.


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