Friday, August 5, 2011

Aww, Look At The Baby! Pt. 3

And we shall call this post in the series "the shopping trip that changed my life."

In case you missed them, you should absolutely and most definitely check out the prior posts in this money-saving series:

Part 1 - The Beginning
Part 2 - This One's For The Haters

Anyways, to follow up on Part 2, I told you that there were people who were questioning the trip that changed my life, so I wanted to clear up that little situation.  The trip did in fact happen.  How can I prove it?  Check out the pictures, below, and let your mind be blown.  (Please excuse the cell phone quality - I had no idea I'd be so awed at the conclusion of this trip or I would have taken my camera!)

My business partner, L, being taught about the binder by the artist formerly known as the Coupon Queeny, Tanya - Divine Deal Diva!

Cart 1 in progress

Cart 2 in progress

Nervously waiting in line at my local Kroger - how will we do?!?!

Before coupons (but after Kroger Plus Card savings - we scanned it before we started! BOO!)

After coupons!  WOW!  $210.48 in coupon savings alone!!!

With our fabulous cashier and our hella long receipt! WHAT A RUSH!
So, as you can see, the shopping trip with the DIVINE DEAL DIVA, Tanya, actually went down - and it went down in MY city!  I was there. I pushed Cart #2, thank you very much!  And this was the shopping trip that changed my life - because it put into action what Grandma Chicken Wing had been telling me for years.  Coupons are money and when times are hard financially, which they are for me right now, I have to do what I can to help my money go further.  As I said in the post prior to this one in the series - my couponing isn't about you.  It isn't my goal to make your life harder - it's to make mine better, and sometimes, I think it's okay to put yourself first if you are constantly courteous to others.

So, I hope that each of you who wants to try to start saving money enjoyed this trip through my local Kroger, and I hope that you found motivation - it CAN be done.  I'm not saying it's easy, but I am saying that, for me, it's worth it.

Next post in the series?  I shall call it - the method to my madness!

Until next time,

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