Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh, Anderson Cooper...

As someone who works in television media, I can tell you that news can be really tough - more often than not there are terrible stories to report on and it can become a gray and dreary world if you constantly focus on the negative. 

Every now and again, though, there are stories that are so utterly ridiculous that you can't help but shake your head and laugh, and one of the most recent stories in the headlines absolutely fit the bill!  Have you heard the one about Gerard Depardieu's public urination on a plane?  I mean, really???

Now, imagine that your program chooses to cover this sort of news and you are the unlucky victim who has to report on it - I can only imagine how difficult that would be, and that is the purpose of today's post.  Anderson Cooper, whom I adore, had to perform the light-hearted humor segment, The Ridiculist, on his show Anderson 360, and the topic of the day was none other than Gerard Depardieu.

Please sit back and enjoy Anderson absolutely losing it for the first time in his career over the absolutely ridiculous puns (and boy were there ever a lot of puns) and this absolutely ridiculous situation.  I'm so glad that he's got a new daytime show coming on in September on ABC - down to earth, adorable, and straight up hilarious in this video - cue the giggles!


Happy Weekend, everyone!

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