Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chicken Wing Music Review: Kelly Clarkson "All I Ever Wanted"

Okay, I've got to share some opinions about what I'm currently listening to, which is Kelly Clarkson's newest album "All I Ever Wanted."

This album, which has been featured on the MTV hit reality series The Hills, is absolutely fabulous in my opinion. To me, each song has a very different sound, which I love about the album. It really has something for everyone.

For me, the stand-outs are "I Want You," which is 100% cute, "Save You," which can get super-duper stuck in your head, "Long Shot," a catchy song written by Katy Perry, and "Already Gone," which really showcases Kelly's vocal control. If you're looking for powerhouse ballads, she has those too, with "Cry" and "If No One Will Listen."

After her last album (which I was none-too-interested in), I thought she might be headed down Has-Been lane, and what a shame that would have been, as I really do love her voice.

This album, however, is a winner! That's why I'm listening to it right now! :) (You should too!)

Until next time,
A jamming-out Miss Chicken Wing

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