Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, now there are many things that I get excited about, but one of the things that most gets my blood pumping is when there is something I want and I get it for a steal!

Such is the case with my new LUGGAGE SET! Is it just any luggage set, you ask? NOOOO, I say! It is the Diane Von Furstenburg fuschia luggage set! Yes, it's true! Your ears are working! I have finally scored the DVF luggage set that I've been drooling over/viciously internet stalking for the longest time!

And, don't worry...I'm not going to tease you. I've got the eye candy right here!

I know I don't need anyone to point out the fabulous-ness of this set, but it is just exquisite in person! (You can click the photo to make it larger if you need to). My love affair with TJ Maxx continues! Great labels, even better deals, and fantastic products that you just can't find for that price anywhere!
Now I just need somewhere to go! I need plans, people! :)
Until next time,
Miss Looking-Forward-To-Getting-Out-Of-Town Chicken Wing

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