Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Follow-Up Post on SYTYCD!

I wanted to include this video clip from a few seasons ago on So You Think You Can Dance but I was rushing through the last post (obviously, I had to watch tonight's episode!).

This is the audition for Anya Garnis and her partner Pasha, who eventually made the Top 20 and went through the competition for quite a few weeks. They are ballroom dance partners, and had one of the HOTTEST auditions to EVER grace the So You Think You Can Dance stage!

Nigel (the head judge) and Dan (another judge) were practically drooling, and you shall soon see why.

Please note: I do not own any rights to this segment. All rights belong to FOX and the SYTYCD franchise.

Okay, prepare they are: Anya and Pasha!

Chicken Wing

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