Friday, June 19, 2009

The Simple Truth: Further Evidence of Dancing Genius

With the genius of the choreographers to come up with the stories that they do, and the emotion that they do, it is then the responsibility of the dancers themselves to convey that vision to the audience. I support this show because I believe in the chance that these dancers can gather from being discovered on this program.

Please see the following videos. I do not own any rights to these clips, the dance numbers, the dancers, etc. All content belongs to FOX and Dick Clark Productions, Inc.

Lacey and Kameron - Contemporary - Probably my all-time favorite

Special Video - This viewer's 3 Fave Dances
1. Hip Hop - Pasha and Lacey (who is now a pro on Dancing with the Stars)
2. Hip Hop - Twitch and Katie
3. Hip Hop - Mark and Chelsea (who is now a pro on Dancing with the Stars)

Twitch and Kherington - Viennese Waltz - GORGEOUS!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout this season!
In-love-with-this-show Chicken Wing

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