Friday, June 19, 2009

Relationship Stress? Give this song a listen!

Every now and again, Mr. Chicken Wing and I will banter back and forth and occasionally, that banter gets downright annoying!

Sometimes, it's all fun and games, and sometimes it's just mundane.

But, I think one of the best lessons that I've begun to learn in this 5+ year relationship we've been on is that sometimes you just have to let go and quit worrying every time you start to pick on each other.

Instead of going the "woe is me" route and thinking that our relationship is falling apart because we "just can't get along" or because "he's picking on me" (which I might have been known to do once or twice...), sometimes just accept it and move on.

I know that Mr. Chicken Wing is a great guy, and he knows that I'm a great gal. Sometimes, we just have off days.

The reason for this post is that when you're pushing each other in the physical fitness department, sometimes you're going to bicker. (Yes, that's right...we're kicking each others' butts. The beach trip is coming soon, and we're trying to save the other beach-goers' eyesights!)

Usually, that bickering then leads to who didn't put their dishes in the sink, or who hasn't unloaded the dishwasher today. I know, it's wayyyyyy less glamourous than some would dilusion themselves to believe! But, after 5 years, I think we're still on the right track - towards domestic bliss! HAHA!

Either way, I came across this song by an artist that I absolutely adore, Ingrid Michaelson. You might remember her BIG moment, when her song "Keep Breathing" debuted on Grey's Anatomy.

This song, called "Giving Up," is lyrical greatness, and completely speaks to me.

Turn those speakers up and give it a listen! (And support her, because she is fabulous!)

*Again, anything I post on here (videos, links, etc.) have copyright and creative rights belonging to someone other than me. I do not claim to own any of this!

Until next time,
The humming/smiling Chicken Wing

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