Monday, December 13, 2010

Reverb 10 - Prompt #9

December 9 – Party Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans. (Author: Shauna Reid)

This one is an easy one!  My favorite party of 2010 (and I hope no one gets offended by this) happened to occur on my birthday!  

Before you think I am the most vain woman on the planet, let me clue you in to the fact that one of my best friends in the world got married on my birthday!  Her wedding was the social gathering that rocked my socks off in 2010!  
With the insanely gorgeous bride, Nay!

With the very handsome groom, DK!
As for the people, they were some of my close friends from college, plus new friends of either the bride or groom that I had the blessed opportunity to meet!  It was a great group, and everyone's hearts were filled with love for the newlyweds, so that made it even better!

The music was a special experience because the groom had a musical surprise for the bride!  He had one of his uber talented friends sing a song live for their first dance, and it was absolutely beautiful!  (To here it and to check out the uber talented friend's band, click here and choose "Love Make Me Free.")  There was also a live band that played the rest of the reception, and it was fun to watch couples cut a little rug! 

The food was also super fun because it was literally like an upscale cookout!  There were hot dogs and hamburgers and all the fixin's and it was an awesome plan for a hot summer day.  There was an ice cream sundae bar (sign me up any day of the week) and delicious cupcakes for dessert.  There was fresh honey for favors.  There were all different kinds of beer and wine, and everyone had a ball!

The attire, as evidenced by the photos above, was preppy chic and so comfortable!  Typically when you're in the bridal party of a wedding, you can expect taffeta and heels, and in this wedding, I got to wear a gorgeous printed summer dress and J. Crew woven flip flops!  That was refreshing!  I got to carry a gorgeous hydrangea bouquet and my fellow bridesmaids (and sorority sisters) did my hair, which I loved!  It was like an all-girls slumber party where we did each other's hair!  Haha!

The best part was that two of my best friends joined their lives and hearts in marriage.  The groomsmen were crazy, the bridesmaids were crazy beautiful, and insanely fun shenanigans were had by all - especially when we were trying to get the groomsmen to be serious during the photo-taking.  All in all, it was an amazing day, and my favorite party of 2010!

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