Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something Every Man Should Know

*We interrupt the Reverb 10 series to bring you this important Public Service Announcement.*

In life, there are certain lessons that must be learned in order to be successful. 

In school, you have to study before a big test and then apply what you learned if you want to guarantee success.  In the romantic world, you have to practice being honest and faithful and open to sharing in order to make a relationship last.  In social settings, it's pretty important to learn lessons in etiquette.  When you get ready to start working, you have to practice your interview skills and then if you get the job, you have to continue to practice good habits if you want to keep the job you got!

Now, there are also certain things that you have to know that are gender specific.  This post is about something every man should know.

Whether you're dressing for a job interview, going to your first prom, or maybe even walking down the aisle, every man needs to know how to tie a tie.  If you've ever attempted this, you know this is a difficult task.

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Well, stress no more, Peeps!  There is a fabulous website in the interwebs that teaches you not only how to tie a tie, but also how to tie FIFTEEN different knots or styles!  WOWEE, that's impressive!  I'm so serious - it's even chock full of videos that walk you, step by step, through the process, so you can practice on your own.

Click here to head over to the site!

I personally believe that there should be more websites like this out there - you know, ones with absolutely relevant information!  I plan to practice some of these tie-tying techniques so that I can be of service to any males in need!

Another cool thing about this site is that it's brought to you by ABCNeckties.  If you like one of the ties featured in their how-to videos, you can hop on over to ABCNeckties to purchase it!  Amazing!

I hope you find this useful, and please send this on to your friends - especially to that special man in your life who rocks the clip-on regularly!  Trust me, they're counting on you to teach them the ways of the necktie!

Until next time,
Miss Chicken Wing

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